Padley Gorge Engagement Shoot // Alex & Liz

img src=“Backlit-Couple-Engagement-Shoot.jpg” alt=“Back lit Photograph of a couple on their Engagement Shoot”

A Padley Gorge Engagement Shoot

I absolutely loved this padley gorge engagement shoot and the peak district for a beautiful engagement session. It has, what feels like endless options and beautiful back drops. So when Alex and Liz booked me for their March Wedding in Sheffield, I had a number of favourites I thought they might like! We settled for Padley Gorge, with it’s mossy stones and babbling brook.

I try to keep all my engagement shoots really natural and free flowing. It’s a chance for us to get to know each other better, and for you to feel comfortable around me and my big old camera! I often find a nice relaxing walk in nature creates a nice calming atmosphere, and having the peak district on the door step works wonders. I am always up for an adventure, just like this padley gorge engagement session and I will be adventuring off to York with one of my 2019 couples, later this year!

You can leave it to me to suggest a few places or you can decide on your own wonderful location. But guaranteed we will get to know each other, have fun exploring and chat some more about your upcoming wedding.

I normally include engagement sessions in my wedding packages, but you can book me separately if desired. I’m always up for a little adventure, so get in touch and tell me what you have planned!

Thanks to Alex and Liz for traipsing through leaves, moss, mud and grass for their engagement session and still looking super fabulous in the process!

If you are looking for a candid and creative wedding photographer, take a look at my about me page or, send me an email! I’d love to hear from you and travel anywhere! xo

img src=“Padley-Gorge-Moss-Rock.jpg” alt=“Padley Gorge Mossy Rock”
img src=“Back-Lit-Romantic-Walk-Hazey-Woods.jpg” alt=“Back lit Photograph of a Couple on a Romantic walk in Hazey woods”
img src=“Back-Lit-Romantic-Walk.jpg” alt=“Back lit Photograph of a Couple on a Romantic Walk”
img src=“Backlit-Couple-Engagement-Shoot.jpg” alt=“Back lit Photograph of a couple on their Engagement Shoot”
img src=“Black-White-Couple-Hoding-Each-Other.jpg” alt=“Black and White Photograph of Couple Holding Each Other”
img src=“Black-White-Smiling-Engaged-Couple.jpg” alt=“Black and White Photograph of Smiling Engaged Couple”
img src=“Blue-Sky-Branches.jpg” alt=“Blue Sky and Tree Branches”
img src=“Engagement-Shoot-Mossy-Stone-Wall.jpg” alt=“Engagement Shoot Couple sat on a Mossy Stone wall”
img src=“Happy-Couple-Holding-Hands.jpg” alt=“Happy Couple Holding Hands”
img src=“Laughing-Love-Engaged-Couple.jpg” alt=“Laughing in Love Engaged Couple”
img src=“Love-Couple-Walk-Woods.jpg” alt=“In Love Couple Walking in the Woods”
img src=“Mono-Chrome-Cuddle-Couple.jpg” alt=“Mono Chrome Photograph of an Engaged Couple Cuddling”
img src=“Padley-Gorge-Engagement-Shoot-Couple.jpg” alt=“Padley Gorge Engagement Shoot Couple”
img src=“Romantic-Black-White-Engaged-Couple.jpg” alt=“Romantic Black and White Photo of an Engaged Couple”
img src=“Romantic-Couple-Padley-Gorge-Forest.jpg” alt=“Romantic Couple at Padley Gorge Forest”
img src=“Romantic-Engaged-Couple.jpg” alt=“Romantic Engaged Couple”
img src=“Smiling-Cuddling-Couple-Pine-Tree.jpg” alt=“Smiling Cuddling Couple in front of a Pine Tree”
img src=“Sunny-Woods-Walking-Couple.jpg” alt=“Sunny Woods with a Walking Couple”
img src=“Padley-Gorge-Woods.jpg” alt=“Padley Gorge Woods”