Middle Black Clough Engagement Shoot

Happy couple dancing in the peak district

A Middle Black Clough Engagement Shoot

We chose the perfect spot for Rob and Grace’s Middle Black Clough engagement shoot, which offered the wintery vibe that Grace and Rob both loved. We travelled out to the dark peaks to middle black clough, and followed the river up working with the natural and beautiful light on the day.


Rob and Grace’s wedding is in December, continuing their wintery vibes, so I wanted their engagement shoot to capture the same feel! It was a perfect opportunity to get them comfortable in front of the camera ahead of their special day. We tried to keep it as natural as possible, using the surroundings as a perfect backdrop and chatting in between. I love engagement sessions as it means I get to know you, the couple, that bit better!


Rob and Grace, perfectly eased into having their photo taken and weren’t opposed to some of my more fun ideas! They definitely opened up and enjoyed the moment, being silly and embracing the surroundings, even in the windy, slightly rainy moments!


As we were ending the session, the sun shone through just as it was setting and gave us a perfect opportunity for some of the wonderful golden light. We talked about their plans for their wedding, what they envisioned, what was left to tick off and what they were most excited about!


I really can’t wait to shoot their wedding in December! I love a winter wedding and it will be wonderful to capture them all over again!


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