Hurstbourne Wedding

Hurstbourne Wedding

The Ceremony


James and Emily had planned a stunning Hurstbourne wedding with a 1920s theme. The ceremony took place in their local church. The reception followed in the local town hall, which they had put in a 100% effort to bring their theme alive!


Emily wore the most stunning gown and her red hair and makeup brought a beautiful elegance and glamour to her overall look. James and his groomsmen looked exceptionally sharp and dapper in their suits heading to the church in their retro car.


The ceremony was beautiful, and personal surrounded by their family and loved ones. Once the ceremony was over, we went outside for the amazing confetti shot and got everyone in a thin line outside the Church. I always love a really good confetti line!

The Reception


Afterward, we made our way to the town hall which was only across the street and started capturing candid’s of everyone and the beautiful retro bar on wheels! We then took the bridal party off to a huge wheat field for some beautiful photos. It’s one of my favourite moments because everyone relaxes and has a bit of fun having their photo taken.


Later on after the wedding breakfast, we whisked James and Emily off to a nearby location for their wedding portraits. They were so wonderful to photograph and they embraced a bit of quiet to just be with each other during this time. I love doing couples portraits and capturing the essence of each couple, just in their moment and fully embracing one another!


We photographed well into the night, capturing all the laughter and fun and tears of joy. My favourite moment without a doubt was James’ Dad doing an impromptu speech about how amazing his son was! It was literally the best thing ever!


Congratulations to James and Emily!