A Stockbridge Wedding

A Stockbridge Wedding

This wedding was absolutely insanely beautiful! Hopefully this will be a bit of inspiration for Brides looking for an outdoor wedding or for a bit of creative flare!

I left Sheffield to head down to Stockbridge and shoot with Gemma of Romy Lawrence Photography. The day started in the couple’s beautiful grounds and garden where Alexandra and Hugo got ready separately. They were married in a nearby church, and then returned to their beautiful gardens for a marquee reception. Alexandra handmade most of the details for their wedding from the bunting, button holes, table settings and more! She’d really spent a great deal of time thinking about the little things and it shined through! She had also painsstakingly made all the flower bouquets!

It was an absolutely boiling day with bright blue skies throughout the day. People opted to stand out of the marquee when it was just a little too warm! But it offered a lovely summer evening with just a bit of breeze and made for some wonderful sunset couples photos in their magnificent grounds!

The speeches were emotional, thoughtful and almost made me tear up. You could tell Alexandra and Hugo had put so much into the day and that it meant so much to them to share their day with family and friends. I felt really lucky to be photographing their day and it was filled with emotion, romance and fun.

The following morning, I made my way back up to Sheffield knowing that I couldn’t wait to edit this fantastic wedding! I love this job!

Congratulations to Hugo and Alexandra!