Eyam Hall Wedding

Eyam Hall Wedding

I met Liam and Natalie way back at a Cutler’s Hall Wedding Fair in Sheffield. Liam joked about eloping to Vegas and Natalie definitely didn’t, but that wedding fair had given them loads of ideas for their upcoming summer wedding at Eyam Hall.


We met up and they booked me and they told me all about themselves and their wedding plans! I had never heard of Eyam Hall, and even pronounced it terribly as I’m not a Yorkshire lass. I’m a southerner who gets Northern names completely muddled up. But I’ve got it down now!


Liam and Natalie were planning for a fun, relaxed, friend filled wedding in the beautiful grounds of Eyam Hall. The 26thAugust came and instead of sunny skies, it was filled with rain and clouds. I knew we had our work cut out and that they’re planned outdoor wedding would be changed. Liam and Natalie 100% took it in their stride, which I would always recommend to any of my couples. They held the ceremony in the in the entrance of Eyam Hall, which was a tight squeeze but what I loved about it is everyone embraced the change and the room was packed full of everyone that cherished this moment, seeing them marry.


Once the ceremony was over, pretty much everyone made a run for the marquee. The rain was relentless all day, but it was 100% memorable and it ruined no one’s fun! We managed to get an hour’s break of rain to do the family shots, couples photos and bridal party. I loved doing the bridal party shots as it began to rain again, so we did it with massive white umbrellas! I loved how everyone embraced it, even the kids were jumping on the bouncy castle when it was wet.


This blog and wedding is an ode to any couple that is worried it might rain on your day. Always go with it. You can’t fight nature. Your photographer you choose will also go with it, work with it, stand there in their anorak and umbrella, dry their kit down, but ultimately make sure that you have the photos you want; rain or no rain!


Calum did the videography for Liam & Natalie’s wedding and it perfectly captures the day, weather and enjoyment of everyone. If you’re interested in both photography and videography; drop us an email. As a couple, we work perfectly together capturing both elements of your wedding.


To see the full set of photos from this wedding go check them out on my portfolio page!

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