A St Albans Wedding

ceremony at the lady chapel in St Albans

A St Albans Wedding

I knew K from school and I knew her and J’s wedding would be fuelled with personality, fun and a unique quality! They got married at the outstanding St Albans Cathedral, in the lady chapel. It was a beautiful and traditional ceremony and the sun shone bright through the stained glass windows. We did their group shots in the cathedral grounds and it was such a wonderfully sunny day.

K and J had their reception at their local cricket club in a lovely marquee. Everyone instantly began enjoying themselves, getting drinks and embracing the lovely weather! K and J had given every table a quiz about themselves, with prizes for the winning table. They had also made their own CD’s with a custom made CD cover with a special playlist, circa 2004 and I loved it! I love when couples really put a unique stamp on their special day.

They also had an amazing photo booth where everyone enjoyed using silly props and had a book to stick the images in and write a little thoughtful note. 

Each table had a Beatle’s themed table setting; a Beatle’s album cover sat on top of a pineapple! The day just oozed such creativity. 

K and J were so happy throughout the day and being surrounded by their friends and family made the day perfect. K had managed to get one of her friend’s to play some live music with his live band and K and J had their first dance. It was so special to watch and you could see it really meant something to the both of them. 

They were 100% themselves on the day, which I always encourage any of my couples. It’s your day and you should embrace it and throw as much of your own personality into it as you can. Be unique and make it stand out for you!!

bridesmaids flowers walking down the aisle at the lady chapel first look whilst walking down the aisle kneeling bride and groom at St Albans St Albans Ceremony singing of the register bride and her bridesmaids in a group shot bride and groom holding hands brides speech best man hugging the groom happy bridesmaid newly weds first dance


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